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College Hill Youth Group

Students from 6-12 grade from throughout the area come together to be part of the College Hill Youth Group. Whether enjoyng weekly Bible classes or attending larger events and service projects, the youth of the College Hill congregation are an important part of our  family and ministry.    

Youth Group Activities >>


Each year the Youth Group participates in LTC (Leaderhip Training for Christ) in the Spring and works together for other events in the summer.

LTC is a gathering of Church of Christ Students from all over the country. Each year our Youth Group goes to the regional event in Arkansas, or Kansas to participate in events such as Bible Quiz, Chorus, Song Leading and many others. It is a great way for students to become active and learn skills to help them have leading roles in thier congregations in the future.

During the spring and summer the Youth Group participates in other events. From Mission Trips to Floating the Illinios River, going skiing in Colorado and putting on a VBS for the community, our teenagers are being active in thier beliefs.


Each week the youth group meets for services on Sunday and Wednesday. Once a month they participate in an area youth rally and even host it once a year bringing visitors and sharing the fun.

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