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The Bible Chair

Located just across College Ave. from the beautiful campus of Northwerstern Oklahoma State University, the Bible Chair is a place for students. Open 10am to 10pm, "The Chair" offers opportunities for both learning and fellowship.  Classes, meals and entertainment are designed to help students stay encouraged and connected in their walk of faith.


For more information, call 580-327-4511

Events and Avtivities >>

Year round, we at the College Hill Church of Christ try to incorporate as many events as possible to get students exited about coming to church. From Ski Trips to Mission trips with everything inbetween from Intramural Teams and building a Homecoming float we are actively being a part of the NWOSU community. 


Every year Northwestern hosts a homecoming parade in the fall in the town of Alva. Floats range from big to small and The Bible Chair has been a major part of that tradition. Winning multiple trophies including the 2013 Spirit Award and the 2nd place float, The Bible Chair students show school spirit and help one another build mervelous floats for the community.

Ski Trip

Spring Break is a time to have fun and relax with friends and family. We think that is more true now then ever. Most years our Bible Chair group heads up to Colorado or New Mexico to have a week of fun in the snow. 



Weekly Dinners and Weekly Devos

Every week during the school year the Bible Chair hosts free dinners for NWOSU students. Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. area church's come and serve the students a hot free meal. 

Monday nights there is a bible study for students and Wednesday night is a Devotional.

Other nights of the week are full of students coming by and playing video games and watching tv, hanging out and studying together.

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